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Buying Custom Packing Tape

When we say tape, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? It could be shipping tape, the reliable scotch tape and so on. Well, regardless what comes to your head first, you will be surprised that these types do have different types. If you wish to learn more about tapes, then let us start.

Shipping or packaging tape - this is used most of the time to ensure that the packages set for delivery will be secured and safe at all times. Normally, the use for these tapes are confused with storage tapes as well which is intended for securing packages that will be stored for quite some time. The adhesive is the main difference that these two tapes have.

With regards to shipping tape, it uses hot melt adhesive which provides stronger holding power and is also applicable to custom packing tapes. Similar to office tapes, shipping tapes are also available in rolls that have to be put on dispenser or in disposable dispenser. Check out for value packs as they're also available in this form as well. There are different types of shipping tape and each has a unique feature that can make your life easier. Here is more info about custom packing tape.

Number 1. Heavy duty - the shipping tape is 20x stronger when compared to storage tape. The tape is also designed for a long lasting performance, thanks to its resistance to burst, split as well as moisture.

Number 2. Recycled - this commercial grade tape is available in greener option with 50% of the materials used for its manufacturing is recycled.

Number 3. Commercial grade - in this tape, it provides remarkable performance and can secure heavy boxes in various environment.

Storage or moving tape on the other hand is nearly the same with shipping tape but it is made with acrylic adhesive, making it perfect for storage purposes. The acrylic adhesive is actually UV resistant and designed to withstand different temperature. Long lasting and recycled are the two kinds of storage tapes that can be used. Learn about custom printed packing tape here.

With long lasting, it is meant that the tape is great for extreme temperature and therefore, great for long term storage while recycled tapes have similar qualities but this comes with a greener option for it has 50 percent recycled materials.

If you look closely, the size for storage tape is the same with a custom packing tape. Most of the time, the width is roughly 1.88 inches with a core of 3 inches. The thickness is ranging from 2.6 millimeter to 3 millimeter. Again, you have to be mindful of the sizing required for the dispenser before you make a purchase. Discover more here :

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